Below are 7 documents total--5 outlining ASOF expectations for the
program, students, teachers, project guidelines, and scoring guide; and 2 more for
the student application.

1. The ASOF post-camp student survey CLOSES (goes offline) this Friday. PLEASE make
sure ALL past ASOF students have taken it.  SURVEY LINK
     ***  No survey = no eligibility to attend future ASOF camps. ***

2. Take a close look at the attached student expectations. Now is the
time to start recruiting new students into the program, so your experienced students
can mentor them as we move into our second year. We're also looking to increase our
pool of eligible students with which to learn/play!

3. Attached is an ASOF application & teacher recommendation form---in an effort to
emulate real-life situations, ALL students (even those who were accepted into ASOF
last year) must apply to this WAY COOOOL program...(ain't no such thing as a free
field trip;-)

4. COMPLETED APPLICATIONS (and teacher recommendation form)
DUE TO CSD District Office Oct 15 by 5:00 pm. (Fax: 907-522-3399)
Acceptance notices go out Oct 22; manifest for each field camp
(who goes on which trip) will gel by Oct 30 (so we can buy plane tickets to

5. NEW ASOF STUDENTS (and teachers) will be able to attend the November 26-30, 2007  ASOF WAVE in Anchorage. In addition to honing presentation skills, we will provide
orientation training to this year's ASOF program.

Coming soon: November Wave expectations!

Sheryl Salasky
Chugach School District
Science Coordinator
9312 Vanguard #100
Anchorage, AK 99507

ASOF 2008 Expectations Form:
Project Guidelines
Scoring Guide

Student Application Forms:
ASOF Recommendation Form