Classroom Activities
Have you ever wondered how to engage students in the
classroom? What will spark their interest and capture their
imagination? Science in the classroom may be thought of as
mundane, or old school, especially by students who are used to
interactive technology, and instant results. All of this is possible
in the classroom, especially with the use of exciting and novel
technological tools.

ASOF Curriculum Guide (Chapter 6)

Inquiry-Based Units
As activities are created and pilot tested, teachers will work with their students to post blogs and other documentation showing success or challenges.  Begin with creating an inquiry-based unit using the template below. 

Teachers should post their units on Carolyn Staudt's web site for submission, review, and comment.  This is to facilitate our collaboration and learn from each other. Full instructions are posted by Carolyn under "Technology Tools" link.

For questions about implementing standards-based units, please contact:
Rebecca Midles E-mail:

Inquiry-Based Framework Guide
Inquiry-Based and Technology Tools Rubric (pdf)
Storytelling Rubric (pdf)
Grant Documentation - Teacher Logs
Teachers need to submit their logs directly to Marcia Howell.

Teacher Log Template (pdf)
Teacher Log Template (MS Word)
  Please send all teacher logs directly to:
  Marcia Howell E-mail:
Save the doc with your name, the date and "teacher log" in it. 
Example:  Marciahowell_030107_teacherlog.doc

Post-Denali Camp Survey:
This opens on Thursday (Sept. 13, 2007) and closes at midnight. 
All students & staff please be sure to complete this!